At the Department of Physics, work is actively being carried out to develop and implement training and demostration stands and installations for performing laboratory work on physics. Practically all the facilities in the laboratories of the department were assembled, improved and modernized by the staff of the department. Recently, work has been done on the design and manufacture of laboratory work No. 36 on the study of the properties of semiconductors and devices based on them, laboratory work No. 65 on geometric optics, and others. A great contribution to the development and preservation of the laboratory fund is made by the teaching and support staff of the Department of Physics: Nikolaevskaya Yana Yurievna (Methodist, head. laboratory), Dobrobba Irina Nikolaevna (Senior laboratory assistant) and Anthosyuk Victoria Nikolaevna (Laboratory Assistant). Work to improve and modernize the laboratory fund of Department is designed to maximally improve the fundamental training of students of our University, adapt them to the modern realities of work at enterprises, give an approach to the development of equipment and innovative technologies and equipment.