All teachers of the department take an active part in the implementation of the state budget research work on the topic "Investigations of the physical properties of solids." According to the results of scientific research in 2001 - 2014. teachers and post-graduate students of the department published a large number of articles, received 3 patents, 9 candidate dissertations were defended. Scientific works of teachers published in such well-known professional scientific publications as: "Solid State Physics", "Acoustic Journal", "Low Temperature Physics", "Crystallography", "Phys. Statue Solіd "," Letters in ZhTF "," Ukrainian Journal of Physics "," Functional materials "," Questions of atomic science and technology "," Physics of metals and metallurgy "and others.
The results of scientific research were reflected in the presentations of teachers at various scientific conferences and symposia. The teachers of the department took part in the following international conferences: "Modern Problems of the Quantum Theory", "Physical Phenomena in Solids", "Structural Relaxation in Solids" and others. These and other aspects of the scientific work of the staff of the Department of Physics are considered in more detail in the relevant sections.

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