Laboratory of Mechanics


The laboratory workshop "Mechanics" covers practically all sections of the corresponding lecture course. It includes 7 laboratory works, each of which is duplicated:

  • Laboratory work No. 1 "Study of the law of rotational motion of a solid body with the help of the Oberbeck pendulum".
  • Laboratory work No. 2 "Weighing on analytical scales and determining the density of bodies".
  • Laboratory work №. 3 "Determination of the moment of inertia of the body according to the period of torsional oscillations".
  • Laboratory work No. 4 "Determination of the recovery coefficient and the collision time of elastic balls".
  • Laboratory work No. 5 "Investigation of the moment of inertia of bodies of various geometric shapes".
  • Laboratory work No. 6 "Determination of the acceleration of gravity with the help of a physical pendulum".
  • Laboratory work No. 7 "Determination of acceleration due to gravity using a mathematical pendulum".


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