The Department of Physics was organized at the Institute in 1934. The first head of it was Sadovnichy Fedor Kondratievich.

From 1940 to 1949. the department was headed by prof. Garber Ruvim Iosifovich, and the teachers of the department were Sadovnichy F.K. and Matusovsky K.L.

During the period from 1949 to 1960, the chair was headed by an Assoc. Prof. Ustimenko L.V; since 1955. at the department worked Assoc. Prof. Rapp N.V. and the asist. Vasilenko L.B, and since 1960 - assistant Mitera N.P.

From 1960 to 1975 the chair was headed by an Assoc. Prof. Rapp N.V. In these years the staff of the department was enriched by such teachers: assistants Trofimova K.K. (1963), Novikova N.I. (1967), Mikhailov A.F. (1967), Dudinova A.K. (1967), Markelova T.A. (1967), Assoc. Prof. Pilipenko D.V. (1967), and since 1968 Assoc. Prof. Reznik G.M., as well as assistants Adolp N.P., Demyanenko L.I., Romasko V.S. have joined them. and Krupka M.Ya.

Later on the chair came Ph.D, Oxyuk Yu.D. (1971) and assistant Aksenova E.Yu. (1971), and then the  Ph.D. Sysoev A.S. (1974), Terzhov I.I. (1974), Petchenko A.M. (1976), Sidorenko E.B. (1976).

Later the chair was headed by Assoc. Prof. Pilipenko D.V. (1976-1977), Assoc. Prof. Pospelov L.A. (1978-1979), Dr.Sci. Mitin R.V. (1980-1982), Assoc. Prof. Terzhov I.I. (1983-1988), Prof. Blank A.Ya. (1988-1990), Prof. Vinogradov S.S. (1990-2000). Over the years, there appeared on the department of the Ph.D., Zheltonog K.S. (1978), Ph.D. Schetkina T.Yu. (1983) and Prof. Rabukhin V.B. (1988).

Analyzing the development stages of the department, it can be noted that by 1975, In the main, the educational process and the style of work of the department have already been worked out, and a definite educational laboratory base with its methodological support has been created. A significant contribution to the development of the department at the initial stage was made by the heads of the department prof. Garber R.I., Associate Professors Ustimenko L.V. and, of course, Assoc. Prof. Rapp N.V.